I-240 Storage



I-240 Storage
2250 SW 74th
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Please send payments to:

I-240 Storage
3817 Lynnbrook Cir
Norman, OK 73072-4629

SW corner of I-240 & Penn, behind Pancho's and the Budget Box & Bag (2250 SW 74th)


The best way, if going Westbound is to take Penn and go through the parking lot of the strip mall. If going Eastbound, Take May and stay on the service road. Turn right on Young, then left. It is behind the strip mall.

Price List

5X6 $30
5X10 $45
6X10 $47
6X12 $50
5X15 $55
10X10 $70
10X15 $80
10X20 $100
13X20 $110
14X20 $120
15X20 $130
10X30 $130
20X22 $150
20X25 $170
30X30 $300

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